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FueTax Archiving

Motor Fuel Tax Archiving

Use FueTax Archiving to Store Your Valuable Motor Fuel Transactions Data in a Secure Cloud Server.
Tax Archiving

Motor Fuel Tax Archiving

Use FueTax Archiving feature to back up your historical tax processing data. This will help improve system performance. Make the most of FueTax Archiving and gain greater control over the information, enhance audit performance and increase efficiency.


FueTax Archiving handles the large amount of data generated when preparing tax returns. You can access historical data on-demand making it seamless to support tax audits. FueTax allows users the ability to set own archiving specifications and improve system performance by moving historical information to backup storage. Users can view, report, purge, and recover archived data.

Key Features

  1. You can encrypt, compress and archive your tax data files with ease
  2. Offers reports of your archived data files
  3. Benefit from user-specified data file archiving rules
  4. User-specified data files archiving rules


By using FueTax Archiving, users can:
  1. You can improve processing system performance
  2. You can reduce your dependency on IT systems
  3. You can ensure better security, and controls
  4. Provide support to the tax auditing process