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  • FAQ


    Q: What is Avior Motor Fuel Tax Determination (FueTax-D)?

    Avior Motor Fuel Tax Determination (FueTax Determination) is a tax platform that provides Motor Fuel tax calculation processing in the cloud. It is designed to make Motor Fuel tax determination easier for tax payers.

    Q: What can I do with Avior Motor Fuel Tax Determination (FueTax-D)?

    Add Motor Fuel tax to Motor Fuel orders. The taxes are calculated and seamlessly embedded in the Motor Fuel invoices.

    Q: Does FueTax Determination work with my invoicing system?

  • Product Details

    FueTax Determination Functionality

    FueTax Determination provides real-time Motor Fuel tax calculation platform, allowing businesses to incorporate Motor Fuel tax calculations from within their invoice orders.

    To use FueTax Determination, you simply:

  • Getting Started

    There are several ways to get started with FueTax Determination. You can contact our sales team at 855-550-9313 as a first step.

    Getting Started with the FueTax Determination

    Step 1: Testing

    Download Motor Fuel tax plug-in and start testing using test account.

    Step 2: Production

    Once all satisfied with tax calculation, request to switch to production FueTax web services.