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Motor Fuel Tax Compliance

Motor Fuel Tax Compliance

Ensure and simplify motor fuel tax compliance for all states & localities. Reduce the time for your monthly motor fuel excise tax preparation cycle by using FueTax Compliance cloud platform.
Tax Compliance

Motor Fuel Tax Software and Services for All States

Responsible and professional organizations know and understand that compliance with regulatory requirements often plays an important role in their daily operations. Customers expect your organization to meet regulatory obligations, and failing to do so can wreak havoc on your organization’s finances and reputation.
You need technology in order to ensure that your company’s motor fuel tax filing obligation is timely and accurately completed.
What are you waiting for! Reduce the time you take to complete your monthly motor fuel tax preparation cycle by making the most of FueTax Compliance cloud platform, regardless of the state or locality you operate in.
The best thing about FueTax Compliance is that it generates signature-ready tax returns using fuel transaction data. This is helpful as it allows various parties like terminal operators and suppliers to streamline and optimize the process of generating various tax documents.
Did you know that FueTax Compliance module extracts and converts relevant transaction data from your back-end financial system that stores all fuel transactions? It utilizes custom rules that include state, local, and federal tax laws. You can also automate tax determination with this platform. Note that automating tax determination makes it simple to accurately and consistently calculate a complex set of various fuel taxes that cover several products, jurisdictions, and tax types.
FueTax Compliance feature accepts source data from your financial systems and updates the processing status, which is viewable on a dashboard. This ensures better workflow monitoring, guaranteeing that your returns are filed timely.
A reliable and effective tax compliance system, such as FueTax Compliance, can also take data from several back-office systems, translating it into one concise and comprehensive compliance report. At the end of each tax processing cycle, you can use FueTax Compliance to get detailed reports for each jurisdiction. FueTax Compliance is certainly the industry standard as it offers unmatched fuel tax automation with built-in support for most US jurisdictions.
This is why tax accountants in the energy industry and taxing jurisdictions now rely on FueTax to determine as well as file taxes accurately and efficiently.


There is no doubt that Avior FueTax Compliance is an ideal and comprehensive solution for petroleum tax automation. If your business has an indirect tax obligation in multiple US states, you have to pay the right amount of tax to the right authority prior to the due date. If your business is rapidly growing across multiple jurisdictions, you may feel that the various compliance tasks are increasing exponentially. The benefit of using FueTax is that it supports hundreds of tax returns and thousands of schedules. This results in rapid integration and minimizes the risk of filing mistakes. Many businesses rely on FueTax Compliance from small single-jurisdiction filers to the biggest petroleum companies.
FueTax Compliance Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Use comprehensive support for almost all US jurisdictions: The system can generate signature-ready tax returns from petroleum transaction information with paper-based or electronic filing.
  • Benefit from Update Automation: Simplify things with periodic and regular updates of tax rates, rules and forms.
  • System Integration: Profile data adapter for popular back-office systems.
  • Customize Tax Rules: Tax accountants can customize tax rules without software development or any IT help.
  • Process Transparency: Improve process transparency and get clear visibility of tax workflow cycle status.
  • Schedule Query: Generate tax data reports for analysis, audit answers, or customer care
  • Cloud-based Deployment: Use as service with our highly available and secure software application.


If you integrate Avior FueTax Compliance in order to manage and improve your motor fuel tax filing process, you will use these benefits:
  • Improve your tax filing productivity while getting rid of manual data collection.
  • Minimize the risk of tax errors and penalties with the help of automated data validation and comprehensive tax content.
  • Use built-in system integration and data extraction tools to considerably reduce development cost and time.
  • Make your business more agile and make it simpler to expand quickly into new regions.
  • Minimize IT costs by eliminating the need for IT development, maintenance, and support for tax reporting.