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Motor Fuel Tax Determination

Motor Fuel Tax Determination

Use Fuetax Determination to add accurate motor fuel excise tax to various sales transactions by connecting your e-commerce system to FueTax Determination web services.
Tax Determination

Motor Fuel Excise Tax Real-Time Identification and Computation

You can connect your e-commerce system easily to FueTax Determination web services and benefit from automated identification as well as computation of indirect taxes for motor fuel and natural gas-related transactions.
It is time to replace your in-house fuel tax system with a real-time determination engine that offers comprehensive and reliable support for all US jurisdictions.


For any fuel transaction, excise and sales and use taxes are important. Did you know that errors in tax determination can impact your sales margins and lead to tax liabilities? You can use a more transparent and accurate tax determination engine to clearly understand various tax ramifications and consequences before closing a transaction.
FueTax Determination Block Diagram
The great thing about Avior FueTax Determination engine is that it connects with your back-office accounting system. This automates and simplifies the tax calculations for any fuel transaction. If you are a tax analyst, you will not have to waste time monitoring and implementing support for new tax rules as FueTax Determination helps guarantee compliance accuracy.

Key Features

  • Use comprehensive coverage for US federal and all fifty states.
  • Streamline things with continually updated tax rates and rules.
  • Improve error reporting with in-depth tax calculation errors.
  • Seamless integration with your ERP system or financial system.


By integrating Avior FueTax Determination to manage your motor fuel tax filing processes, you’ll be able to:
  • Improve tax accuracy and comply with tax rates and rules.
  • Minimize IT software and various tax accounting costs.
  • Tax analysts can customize tax rules without software development or any IT help.