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Georgia Excise Tax on Motor Fuel Sales Tax Updated

Georgia Department of Revenue changes excise tax on motor fuel sales

What are the new excise tax rates?

  • The following rates will remain in effect from Jan 1, 2017 until December 31, 2017.
Motor Fuel type State Excise Tax Rate
Gasoline $ 0.263 Per/Gal.
Diesel (Clear/Dyed) $ 0.294 Per/Gal.
Aviation Gasoline $ 0.010 Per/Gal.
L.P.G. $ 0.263 Per/Gal.
Special Fuel (includes CNG) $ 0.263 Per/Gal.

How do I file?

  • Electronically through e-Services system (see <a title="Link to Filing Electronically" href="/" target="_blank">Filing Electronically</a>)

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