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FueTax Compliance FAQ


Q: What is Avior Motor Fuel Tax Compliance (FueTax Compliance)?

Avior Motor Fuel Tax Compliance (FueTax Compliance) is a tax platform that provides motor fuel excise tax processing in the cloud. It is designed to make motor fuel tax preparation easier for tax administrators.

Q: What can I do with Avior Motor Fuel Tax Compliance (FueTax Compliance)?

You can prepare your motor fuel tax returns for all jurisdictions in minutes. Just as Intuit's Business TurboTax enables corporate annual tax preparation and filing, Avior FueTax Compliance enables monthly motor fuel excise tax preparation and filing in the cloud. Avior Fuetax provides comprehensive support for all U.S. federal, state, county, and city jurisdictions. Avior FueTax Compliance reduces IT costs by eliminating the need for IT development, maintenance, and support for tax processing. Avior Fuetax Compliance changes the economics of tax preparation by allowing you to pay only for jurisdictions that you actually need.

Q: Is there software to install?

There is no software for you to install, everything is processed on FueTax platform in secure cloud servers.

Q: What if motor fuel manufacturers?

FueTax can process tax returns for motor fuel manufacturers, distributor, wholesaler, and importers.

Q: Does FueTax Compliance work with my invoicing system?

FueTax Compliance works with almost all back office invoicing systems, ERPs, e-commerce or financial systems.

Q: Does FueTax-C platform validate inventory data using UPCs?

No, fuel UPCs are reused by manufacturers, so there is no static universal UPCs table to use for validation.

Q: Do we need to provide data in specific format?

No, FueTax-C platform takes data as it comes from ERP in different format and multiple files. FueTax-C platform will curate and cross reference data from multiple back-end systems files.

Q: How data exchange work on FueTax-C platform?

FueTax-C platform user account includes two secure sFTP folders dropoff and pickup. /dropoff folder is used for user data files upload and /pickup folder is used by the user to download output tax returns files.

Q: How can I get started with Avior Motor Fuel Tax Compliance (FueTax Compliance)?

To sign up for Avior Fuetax, please contact our sales team at (855) 550-9313.


Q: Will I be alerted when failure occurs?

Yes, FueTax will send notification email to inform you that a failure occurred with description and severity.

Q: What if some of my data comes from outside my invoicing system?

That is ok, FueTax platform accepts data from multiple back-office systems and manually prepared data Excel sheets.

Q: Do we have to change/clean data before uploading it to Fuetax?

No, Avior FueTax works best on the most raw data possible. FueTax will curate, validate, and auto correct the raw data based on profile configuration.


Q: How will I be charged and billed for my use of Avior Motor Fuel Tax Compliance (FueTax Compliance)?

FueTax Compliance pricing is monthly subscription fee which is based on your number of motor fuel tax returns. To get accurate quote please contact sales team.

You can also refer to the FAQs page for each Avior platform for platform-specific questions.