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What is FueTax Compliance?

FueTax Compliance is a cloud-based, automated SaaS tax platform that interacts with you current invoicing system, generates precise paper or electronic motor fuel tax returns for submission to all of you U.S. taxation jurisdictions, and doesn’t alter you workflow procedure.

FueTax Compliance is easy to use, you simply:

  • Choose which tax returns you wan the FueTax automation platform to handle.
  • Enter the licenses for motor fuel taxes into you tax calendar.
  • To set you up, get in touch with you onboarding staff.

Key Features

FueTax Compliance offers a number of effective features that simplify the preparation, filing, and payment of motor fuel excise taxes.

Major U.S. Jurisdiction Supported: With the use of data on motor fuel transactions, FueTax generates a tax return that is ready to sign and can be submitted electronically or on paper to all federal, state, county, and city jurisdictions. The major U.S jurisdiction’s tax rules, rates, and forms are regularly updated on our platform, ensuring that we are always up to speed.

Data Gathering: Using data adapters, FueTax Compliance connects to you back-office invoicing system. If you can extract data from your system, FueTax can integrate with it.

Tax Returns: The FueTax Compliance engine uses fresh data to produce tax returns in PDF, SCV, EDI, and XML formats after curating, validating, and auto-correcting them. Our platform provides the user with clear visibility into the status of the tax workflow cycle, including the procedures for creating, evaluating, approving, filing, accepting, and amending tax returns, as well as notification of these events.

Availability and Durability: Users can run their input data at any time to prepare all tax returns in a matter of minutes thanks to FueTax compliance’s automated technology. After reviewing the output, they make any necessary corrections to their data and start the subsequent run.

Security: The cloud-based software provided by FueTax Compliance is very accessible and highly secure. It enables the use of SSL to safeguard data in transit and lets you encrypt your databases using keys that you control.

How It Works

Our on-boarding staff will assist you in determining the optimal method for transferring your data from your system to our cloud engine if you are accurately maintaining your invoicing database system. Depending on you ERP’s invoicing system and the number of your transactions, there are various options. Data files can be submitted to FueTax Compliance by SFTP, secure online services, or portal upload.

As soon as the FueTax engine receives you data, processing begins right away. The FueTax Compliance system first verifies the data, cleans it up, goes through the proper channels, and sends precise reports to your filing jurisdictions.

How It Works

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Read the FAQs and our FueTax blog to learn more.

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