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Q: What is FueTax Determination?

FueTax Determination is a tax platform that offers cloud-based processing for motor fuel excise tax calculation. It’s purpose is to simplify the tax determination of motor fuel for taxpayers.

Q: What can I do with FueTax Determination?

Motor fuel excise tax can be added to motor fuel orders using Fuetax Determination. Once the taxes are determined, they are automatically included in the tax invoices.

Q: Is there software to install?

Yes. You must download the plug-in or extension that is compatible with the system you use in order to link your system to FueTax Determination’s engine.

Q: Does FueTax Determination work with my invoicing system?

Almost all back office invoicing systems, ERPs, e-commerce platforms, or financial systems are compatible with FueTax Determination. To connect with the engine of Avior FueTax Determination, you must download our plug-in or extension to your ERP.

Q: How can I get started with TobTax Determination?

To sign up for Avior Fuetax Determination, get in touch with us.


Q: How long before start using production server?

To make sure the plug-in is compatible with your ERP, testing is required. Depending on where a plug-in for your system is available, this process normally takes 1-6 weeks. We’ll work with a developer to provide an appropriate plug-in if one doesn’t already exist.


Q: How will I be charged and billed for my use of FueTax Determination?

The cost of FueTax Determination is based on how many transactions you have each month. A transaction is a line item on an invoice.

Any other questions regarding billing, contact us.