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What is FueTax Determination?

FueTax Determination is a platform that offers motor fuel excise tax computation in real-time and enables companies to include motor fuel tax calculations from within their invoice orders.

FueTax Determination is easy to use because:

  • Install the web service application or plug-in for FueTax Determination.
  • Use the code we give you to register an account.
  • Set up the states, mapping of the product types, and exemptions.
  • To test, create a motor fuel invoice.

Key Features

Real Time Tax Calcuation: For transactions taking place across all states, including city, county, and local jurisdictions, FueTax Determination provides real-time identification and computation of the motor fuel excise tax. Our platform utilizes a downloadable plug-in and web service application to connect to Fee-Tax’s server and is completely integrated with your ERP, financial, or invoicing system. Users can always calculate the motor fuel tax before saving an invoice using our automated system.

Automated Tax Returns: You can create signature-ready returns using FueTax Determination for all of your motor fuel tax transactions, automating the entire tax filing process and saving you money on tax accounting and IT software.

Accurate Reporting: You don’t have to worry about keeping up with the current tax laws and rates because the FueTax Determination extension does. Any modifications to an invoice cause the tax amount to be automatically updated. By detailing tax computation problems and identifying data sources to provide visibility into the sources of calculations, our platform also provides transparency.

Support for All Major U.S. Jurisdictions: All major federal, state, county, and local U.S. jurisdictions are completely supported in filing motor fuel excise tax by FueTax Determination.

Security: Data in transit can be protected using SSL with Avior.

Support: You can get assistance with any motor fuel tax-related questions you may have from our team of knowledgeable technical personnel and customer support. We’ll work hard to find a resolution as soon as possible.

How It Works

After installing and configuring the plug-in or web service application, you only need to create your account using a code that we supply you with and set up your account to suit your needs. No additional actions need to be taken by a merchant in order to include motor fuel excise taxes into orders.

Read the FAQs and our FueTax Determination blog to learn more.

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