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Motor Fuel Software Providers 
Company Product Name Product Description Product Release Web Address Phone Number Address Contact Name
Akore  FTPLUS AKORE FTPLUS is a robust and scalable long term commercial solution and will provide ready to file Fuel Tax returns for Federal, all 50 U.S. States, Canada and ExSTARS. The software package contains over 400 plus ready to file Fuel and Environmental Excise Tax Returns along with every required schedule. 3.1​​ (877) 752-5673    
Ascend FireStream WorldWide Innovative petroleum software automation solutions, specializing in Wholesale, Retail/C-Store, Fleet Management, Cardlock, Inventory/Dispatch Management & Electronic Tax Reporting. (888) 324-9009    
AIMS AutoTax (800) 729-2467    
Avalara Returns Excise Avalara Returns Excise generates signature-ready fuel tax returns from fuel transaction data, enabling distributors, terminal operators, suppliers, fleets, retailers, and other filers to automate the filing process. (877) 780-4848    
Avior  FueTax Avior Motor Fuel Tax Compliance (FueTax) is a software product that automates the import, processing, and filing of fuel taxes to local, county, state, and federal jurisdictions across the entire U.S. 10.2 (972) 535-4506 Irving, Texas (605) 940-4679    
IGen IGenFuels IGenFuels provides a complete end-to-end motor fuel excise tax solution which allows customers to take their data, in their format, and feed that information into IGenFuels' powerful suite of tools to cleanse, harmonize, validate and report on the data. IGenFuels uses the cleansed and validated data to populate schedules, forms, and where applicable, e-files in the jurisdictional required formats. (888) 998-4436    
Junologix MFExcise Cloud (832) 736-3187    
Kerr Consulting (800) 352-4032    
Mark Jones Systems, LLC (520) 887-9340    
Netkinetix, Inc. (608) 796-0560    
Red River Software (701) 281-0781    

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